Love these 90’s videos. Here’s a hot wife talked in to getting her tits out down the canal

Flashing down by the river – powered by UKPorn.XXX

It’s called flashing down by the river but we all know a canal when we see one and if you’re from our part of the the world which is Birmingham then you call it a “cut”.

So wifey here gets talked in to going down the cut and exposing herself in public. I’ve only seen the small clip but I think in the whole video you get to see a lot more. First off comes the top to show off her perky little titties, then follows the blue bra but my favourite part is where she’s sitting pretty on the steps with her knickers round her ankles like a proper Brummy tart and she even goes us a sneak peek at her shaved pussy, yum yum or is that yam yam?

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